a rolling stone gathers no moss

proverb A person who wanders or travels often and at length will not be burdened by attachments such as friends, family, or possessions. Can be used as a negative (to suggest that such a person won"t find a fulfilling place in life) or as a positive (to suggest that they will have sầu a more interesting and unpredictable life). I never knew my father very well. Apparently he got really restless after my sister was born, anxious not to lớn be tied down to lớn the one place or job, so he just started moving around the country on his own. A rolling stone gathers no moss, as they say. I was just so eager khổng lồ get out there and see the world, living in as many countries & trying as many new things as possible. A rolling stone gathers no moss, và I felt allergic khổng lồ moss at the time.See also: gather, moss, no, roll, stone

rolling stone gathers no moss

Prov. A person who does not settle down is not attached to anything or anyone. (Can be said in admiration or in censure, depending on whether or not the speaker feels it is good khổng lồ be attached to something or someone.) I worry about Tom. He"s never lived in the same place for two years in a row, and he keeps changing jobs. A rolling stone gathers no moss.See also: gather, moss, no, roll, stone

rolling stone gathers no moss, a

Someone who keeps moving và changing will not settle down và progress.

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This ancient proverb, first stated in this size by Erasmus in Adagia (1523), appears in numerous languages. For the first three hundred years or so it was nearly always voiced as a kind of reprimvà khổng lồ those who would not settle down and make good. By the mid-nineteenth century, however, the validity of this sentiment was being questioned. In Edward B. Ramsay’s Reminiscences of Scottish Life (1858) a character replied to this adage, “Ay, but can ye tell me what guid the fog does to lớn the stane?” Shaw later wrote (Preface lớn Misalliance, 1914), “We keep repeating the silly proverb that rolling stones gather no moss, as if moss were a desirable parasite.” Today we may điện thoại tư vấn the inveterate traveler, job-changer, or mover “a rolling stone.” The term gained further currency in the 1960s with a very popular British roông xã group that called itself the Rolling Stones & a popular tuy vậy by Bob Dylan, “Like a Rolling Stone” (1965).See also: gather, no, roll, stoneSee also:

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Idiom(s): A rolling stone gathers no mossTheme: LIFESTYLEA proverb that describes a person who keeps changing jobs or residences &, therefore, accumulates no possessions or responsibilities.• "John just can"t seem khổng lồ stay in one place," said Sally. "Oh, well, a rolling stone gathers no moss."• Bill has no furniture to bother with because he keeps on the move sầu. He keeps saying that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

If a person keeps moving from place to lớn place, they gain neither friends nor possessions. Another interpretation is that, by moving often, one avoids being tied down!

rolling stone gathers no moss|moss|rolling|rolling

A person who changes jobs or where he lives often will not be able to save money or things of his own. A proverb. Uncle Willie was a rolling stone that gathered no moss. He worked in different jobs all over the country.
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