By Dint Of Là Gì


by dint of (something)

Due to lớn something. The largely-outdated word "dint" refers to force or effort. By dint of hard work, I was able to get an A in my math class this semester.See also: by, dint, of

by dint of something

because of something; due khổng lồ the efforts of something. (Dint is an old word meaning "force," & it is never used except in this phrase.) They got the building finished on time by dint of hard work & good organization. By dint of much studying, John got through college.See also: by, dint, of

by dint of

By means of, as in By dint of hard work he got his degree in three years. The word dint, which survives only in this expression, originally meant "a stroke or blow," và by the late 1500s signified the force behind such a blow. The current term preserves the implication of vigorous or persistent means.

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See also: by, dint, of

by dint of

by means of. Dint in the sense of ‘blow’ or ‘stroke’ is now archaic, và in the sense of ‘application of force’ survives only in this phrase.See also: by, dint, of

by dint of something/doing something

(formal) as a result of (doing) something; through: By dint of sheer hard work, she managed lớn pass all her exams.See also: by, dint, of, something

by dint of

By means of. The meaning of dint, originally a stroke or blow, gradually changed to lớn signify the force or power behind the stroke. Shakespeare so used it in Julius Caesar (3.2): “O! now you weep, và I perceive you feel the dint of pity.” Today “dint” survives only in the cliché, which is always followed by an explanatory object such as “hard work,” “convincing argument,” or some other forceful explanation.See also: by, dint, ofSee also:

by dint of

as a result of, because of By dint of her efforts alone, this family is happy and healthy.

by dint of|dint

prep. By the exertion of; by the use of; through. By dint of sheer toughness and real courage, he lived through the jungle difficulties và dangers. His success in college was largely by dint of hard study.
by all means of (something) by all odds by an eyelash by and by by và large by ankle express by any chance by any means by any stretch by any stretch of the imagination by bootstraps by brute strength by chance by check by choice by coincidence by comparison by contraries by cracky By cracky! by day by mặc định by definition by degrees by kiến thiết by dint of by dint of (something) by dint of something by dint of something/doing something by ear by fair means or foul by false pretenses by far by fits và starts by force of habit by George by God by godfrey by guess & by God by guess & by golly by guess và by gosh by guess or by golly by guess or by gosh by half by halves by hand by heart by hell or high water by herself by hook or (by) crook by hook or by crook buzz word by a long shot by all means by all odds by và by by & large by chance by choice by dint of by ear by far by fits and starts by heart by hook or by crook by inches by leaps & bounds by means of

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