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The centerpiece of the revisions is the new menu of 1,945 jôyô ("general use") kanji, adopted in 1981.
This is an easy corollary of the following more general theorem which is the centerpiece of the results in this paper.
Environmental protection, which was a centerpiece of his campaign platsize, is now entrenched municipal policy.
Finally, choices pass through a third filter in which a social mechanism, rationality, is the centerpiece.
These studies provide an important source of information for structure-function relationships in those families, và are the centerpiece of this Reviews.
The principle of autonomy, arguably bioethics" primary and most cherished value, has produced the centerpiece of clinical ethics - the doctrine of informed consent.
The implication strikes us as untrue in regard lớn the conformity, obedience, & bystander retìm kiếm that is the centerpiece of their censure.
In a 1997 summit of the world"s environmental leaders, the centerpiece for the discussion was children"s health and the environment.
That was packaging: the giải pháp công nghệ - that is, the "hill-and-dale" method of acoustic recording - would remain the centerpiece of his technique.
Properly extended, full national income accounts can thus become the centerpiece of economic planning for sustainable development.
For example, consider a centerpiece of our theory of the role of emotion regulation in the development of social competence in the developmentally delayed child.
After 1900, the doors of power opened khổng lồ those who saw a national administrative apparatus as the centerpiece of a new governmental order.

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a type of nhảy where two people use special steps and movements lớn bởi vì dances such as the waltz or tango together

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