Core spreads: financial trading with tight, fixed spreads

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At Vi xử lý Core Spreads we"re saying "goodbye" lớn complication & "hello" to lớn simplithành phố.

We’ve sầu taken trading và distilled it – gone is the jargon and the excess. Instead you can enjoy a stripped-back trading experience that’s clean, sharp & easy-to-follow.

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Industry-leading Tight, Fixed Spreads

Competitive sầu trading from a trusted provider

What we offer

At Chip Core Spreads, we don’t just offer industry-leading tight, fixed spreads. As a modern-day broker, we provide our clients with access lớn 1000s of markets via our two dynamic trading platforms.

Whether you’re interested in trading CFDs or prefer to spread bet, you’re able to lớn trade Forex in over 30 of the most popular currency pairs, as well as Gold, Silver và Brent Crude Oil with our Commodities options.

But wait – there’s more! Did we mention that you can also trade in UK, European and US Shares & a host of ever-popular Indices?

At Chip Core Spreads, we’ve sầu got the methods and the markets lớn suit every type of trader.

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What does "tight, fixed spreads" mean?

‘Tight, fixed spreads’ sounds all well and good, but what does it actually mean for you as a trader? Put simply, it’s designed to lớn attract clients who want to keep their trading costs down.

The difference between the Buy & Sell prices is called the ‘spread’, which equates khổng lồ your cost for trading in that particular market. By having a tighter spread, the cost of entering that trade remains relatively small compared to our competitors.

The ‘fixed’ part means that, no matter what happens to that market on a global cấp độ, the spread won’t change. It’s just one of the ways we help our clients to trade in a trusted environment.

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Fixed spreads only available on CoreTrader platsize.



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Germany 30 Cash00
Wall Street 30 Cash00
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