Bitcoin and ethereum are now, decentralized apps are the future


DAO Maker, a fundraising platkhung for upcoming crypkhổng lồ projects that has no relation to the more widely known MakerDAO, was exploited Thursday, resulting in a loss of more than $7 million, according lớn China-based blockchain security analysis firm PeckShield.

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The attacker was able lớn access DAO Maker"s balance by taking advantage of a bug on DAO Maker"s contract, said a spokesperson from PeckShield.

Details of the attaông chồng on DAO Maker, according khổng lồ blockchain security firm PeckShield.

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In a Twitter thread, the DAO Maker team said 5,521 users were affected, with the average user losing $1,250.

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"Blockchain forensics company CipherBlade is already investigating, và exchanges blocked the hackers" wallet," DAO Maker tweeted.

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