Grab & Moca Pushing Cashless Payments



Photo: Grab

GrabPay by Moca to lớn bring customers new and secure cashless payment solution.

by Hung Cao

Grab has recently announced the launch of payment solutions from Moca under a brand-new cashless payment method called GrabPay by Moca, to bring a swift, seamless và secure cashless payment experience to Grab users in Vietphái mạnh. The move is one of the results of the strategic partnership between Grab và Moca to promote cashless payments, announced by the two companies in September.

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With this new cashless payment method, Grab customers will be able khổng lồ pay with ease & enjoy attractive promotions in the GrabRewards loyalty program. The security of users’ personal information is guaranteed under advance payment security và fraud prevention protocols, giving customers peace of mind when using the service.

The launch of GrabPay by Moca is being implemented in batches và is expected lớn be completed within October. Customers don’t need lớn tải về the Moca app; they will be able lớn use GrabPay by Moca from within the Grab ứng dụng.

Prior to activation completion, users’ GrabPay Credits balance will not be displayed. Any balance on GrabPay Credits will be migrated khổng lồ the GrabPay by Moca wallet & be available for use following activation completion. For customers using the Moca tiện ích, the existing balance on the Moca wallet (if any) will be merged with the balance on the GrabPay by Moca wallet after completing activation.

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In cases where the activation process cannot be done, users still have sầu cashless payment options for services on Grab by using international credit and/or debit cards via the payment gateway service of Moca when adding these cards on the Grab phầm mềm.

This cashless payment method can only be used for GrabCar, GrabBike và GrabExpress. In accordance with regulations, customers cannot top up directly from a credit card to an e-wallet. In cases where customers vày not use an ATM card issued by banks in cooperation with Moca, the current balance in GrabPay Credits (if any) can be refunded or converted into promo codes of the same value.

Grab và Moca last month announced a strategic partnership khổng lồ promote cashless payments on the Grab platkhung & in Vietnam. Moca và Grab will leverage each other’s technological expertise và partner networks to roll out payment services khổng lồ millions of Vietnamese consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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They will be able to lớn expvà payment services more quickly và efficiently throughout Vietphái nam via the strategic partnership. Moca-enabled merchants will soon be able lớn benefit from the Grab app’s large customer base, comprising both driver-partners và consumers.