If you are a home Ethereum (ETH coin or Ether) the search for the Ethereum trading floor Prestige, safe and cheap accommodation Việt Nam as well as the world is extremely important. For every transaction buy and sell ETH On the floor, all online are, so the fraud can take place at any time, especially for those who have just the market (virtual money), do not have much knowledge and skills. to protect their own property.Bạn đang xem: Mua eth ở đâu


5 reputable trading exchanges of Ethereum (ETH Coin) in Vietnam and the World

So that Where to buy Ethereum reputation in Vietnam? Want sell ETH Where is it safe to sell at the best price? With over 5 years of in fighting in the virtual market, having traded and traded most of the virtual Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, USDT, ... at many Vietnam and international exchanges. Today, I would like to share with you Top 8 reputable Ethereum trading floors Leading in Vietnam and in the world, we and our community appreciate the price, transaction speed and customer support.Bạn đang xem: Buy ethereum for cash in trang bom, tinh gjong nai, vietnam

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Reputable Ethereum trading platforms in Vietnam 2019

1. Ethereum trading floor is one of the reputable exchanges in Vietnam and is used by the community to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, .. and more than 200 other altcoins. Vicuta floor is also the partner of Virtual money blog So you absolutely assured of the safety, prestige and reasonable price buying and selling on this.

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The Ethereum marketplace has the advantage of not only supporting ETH trading but also more than 200 other altcoins, and you can pay through some popular banks in Vietnam such asVietcombank, Asia Bank, Dong A Bank, Techcombank, Sacombank, Vietinbank, BIDV. Vicuta has a reasonable in buying and selling prices, fast transaction process, real-time updated rates, .., Vicuta is my number 1 choice it comes to buying or selling Ether.

2. Ethereum and BTC Remitano trading floor

Remitano Probably familiar with regular investors buy and sell Bitcoin is not it., it comes to Bitcoin, people will Remitano one of the most famous Bitcoin markets in Vietnam because of the prestige, safety and especially the cheapest price of buying / selling in all exchanges. ., Remitano has officially Ethereum trading service (ETH) for his customers.

You only need to register an account on to be able to use and buy both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the way to buy, create wallets, security, etc. is similar to Bitcoin. You can access to to explore the interface Buy and sell Ethereum on Remitano, basically just from Bitcoin in the background color. Virtual money blog There is also a detailed tutorial from A - Z for trading ETH on Remitano already.

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Remitano buys and sells Ethereum

3. Reputable Ethereum trading floor

Buyselleth leaves ETH trading floor first at Việt Nam, it was established right after the virtual Ethereum became popular in Vietnam.Buyselleth floor is an automatic trading floor, so the trading speed is very fast, cheap can be said as top. This is also the shopping market that I use to buy Ethereum as well as liquidity needed, Buyselleth has the largest daily trading volume in all exchanges.

Buyselleth Market Only supports Ethereum trading and accepts by Vietcombank so if you want to buy ETH here, you need a Vietcombank bank account with internet banking service. If you do not know Where to buy ETH, buy eth cheap This will be a prestigious address you can choose.

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Buy and sell Ethereum reputation

4. Trading floor of ETH

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5. reputable Ether trading floor Also a good choice for you if need buy ETH, users know the virtual floor is a place buy and sell Bitcoin more is Ether, BTC trading volume here is second only to Remitano. This floor is also a floor of Vietnam and operates quite a long time, besides BTC and ETH, also supports exchange of Perfect Money and Web Money.

With Crypto exchange You are only allowed to pay via Vietcombank. Price buy Ethereum It"s also a bit high on the floor but the price is high sell Ethereum is also high according to the is also If you do not know how to buy and sell Ether, please see the instructions below, Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin.

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* reputable ether trading exchange

The leading exchange of trading ETH virtual money in the world

6. Bittrex Exchange is a leading ETH trading platform in the world

Bittrex is a leading global trading platform today, built and operated in the US, here you can buy and sell Ethereum and hundreds of coins. This is the floor that wall players use to "surf"Or"tradecoin”Makes a profit. However, if you want to buy or sell on Bittrex you cannot pay in USD or VND, it only supports exchanging BTC, ETH, USDT and other virtual

Ie you need to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin or USDT loaded Bittrex floor, use ETH, BTC or USDT to buy other coins. Usually I am good buy Bitcoin on load into Bittrex to buy ETH and other coins, sometimes a little cheaper. Selling is similar, taking ETH to sell BTC and transfer to Remitano, the night BTC sold directly at Remitano to get VND.

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Bittrex Exchange is a leading ETH trading platform

7. Poloniex exchange buys and sells Ethereum and over 200 other coins

Floor Poloniex is a major U.S. exchange, the same way it works and works Bittrex floor, Poloniex is also considered as a floor buy and sell Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, .. and more than 200 reputable Altcoin types, leading the world today. In the past, Polo was used by most users, but, Vietnamese users are forced to capcha, although this is only for the security of customers" accounts but causing many other discomfort.

Therefore, many Vietnamese traders turned to buy and sell at Bittrex. Mass Ethereum transaction, Bitcoin , and Altcoin The Polo floor is slightly larger than Bittrex and has fewer coins. This is also the floor used to play "surf"Trade coin is mainly. However, many Ethereum investors still prefer using it because it is a great exchange with better security. To buy ETH , and sell ETH Up here, you do the same as Bittrex floor.

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Ethereum It is the last investor in the market capitalization after Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization, since the beginning of 2017 its price has increased by nearly 50 times and is expected by many financial experts in the future. ETH has increased. So if you are to invest in Ethereum, I think you should make the decision as soon as possible buy ETH be cheap. Good luck.

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