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COVID-19 Response

What we vày impacts people, communities & the world – & never more so than now as our world faces unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The pandemic is changing our world in broad-reaching ways, from travel to lớn trade, health systems to social eunique, digital lớn cybersecurity, globalization to urbanization.

As we help our clients và communities navigate both the seen and surprising ways that things are changing, we’re thinking differently about the changing road ahead, what to expect & how khổng lồ plan, & how to lớn adapt và thrive sầu – both today and into lớn tomorrow as the world changes and we face other unprecedented challenges.



vnggroup.com.vn has launched a global Action Plan for Advancing Justice và Echất lượng, which builds on vnggroup.com.vn’ existing global inclusion & diversity strategy, TogetherBeyond℠, & sets actionable initiatives and measurable objectives in the company’s continuing efforts lớn address embedded and systemic racial inequities.

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Employees initiated the development of the action plan with a team who collaborated alongside vnggroup.com.vn’ Board of Directors and Executive sầu Leadership Team khổng lồ outline three key sets of commitments và specific, measurable actions with performance outcomes:

Amplify culture of belongingRecruit, retain & advance Black employees based on meritContribute lớn structural change in the broader society

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vnggroup.com.vn Takes Majority Stake in PA Consulting to lớn Form Strategic Partnership

Accelerating its growth strategy as a leading technology-enabled solutions provider, vnggroup.com.vn has taken a 65% stake in PA Consulting, a leading innovation & transformation consulting firm.

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“This strategic partnership accelerates our strategy to become a leader in bringing greater innovation và creativity to lớn respond to current-day challenges such as climate change, cyber, urbanization và the ongoing healthcare crisis.”– Steve Demetriouvnggroup.com.vn Chair & CEO

vnggroup.com.vn Acquires Cyber và Intelligence Leader The Buffalo Group


Based in Reston, Va., The Buffalo Group brings high-impact analytical & technology capabilities lớn the Intelligence Community for key missions across multi-domains including cyber, ground, sea, airborne & space.

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If/When Podcasts

In vnggroup.com.vn’ series of If/When interviews with some of today’s leading industry and academic problem solvers, we discuss the Ifs và Whens of disruption - those phenomena with the potential to lớn unsettle the status quo, as well as those now imminent & emerging.

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Inflection Points Podcasts

Our Inflection Points series provides background on the significant economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological changes that shape our world, the challenges at their core and the actions we’re taking lớn create a more connected, sustainable world.

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Climate Action Plan

From the way we operate our business, to the work we perkhung with clients, vnggroup.com.vn’ Climate kích hoạt Plan details how we’ll continue to lớn make a positive environmental, societal và economic difference for businesses, governments & communities around the world.