Paid wifi & cellular là gì


WiFi is now a fundamental service developed in public places khổng lồ enhance customers experience & engage with them. It is true that people are usually expecting to connect to lớn a WiFi network for free. Nevertheless, in some particular cases, customers are willing to lớn pay to access lớn the internet. Indeed, according to the Devicescape, nearly 25% of 3,000 people surveyed said that they could pay up lớn $3 an hour for WiFi.

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Thus the main difficulty for an mạng internet service provider when selling WiFi is to lớn strike the balance between the price of WiFi & the service provided. We recommend WiFi professionals to configure paid hotspots only if there are not too many không tính phí hotspots in the same area. The WiFi network administrator has to bring an added-value khổng lồ WiFi users khổng lồ encourage them to lớn pay.This could be for example the fact that there is no miễn phí alternative sầu, or an extra capability for the user when browsing the mạng internet.

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The typical environments to lớn develop WiFi paid hotspot are public places like airports, train stations, hotels, conferences và events or holiday resorts. Indeed, by using the couponing system, WiFi network administrators can manage the expiration date, the session duration, the number of allowed devices, the bandwidth per SSID và the maximum amount of data in tải về and upload, allowing them to lớn suggest different offers to WiFi users.

One possible configuration in an airport could be lớn provide 10 minutes of miễn phí WiFi with limited upload data và then, sell coupons for unlimited WiFi session khổng lồ WiFi users who need more.The custom splash page should show to lớn WiFi users which are the different possibilities by displaying a message such as “use WiFi for miễn phí for 10 minutes. Buy a coupon for unlimited mạng internet session”.Coupons can be sold directly lớn a front desk or through external splash pages featuring a credit card system or a PayPal platkhung.


The couponing system allows WiFi network administrators khổng lồ generate tons of coupon passwords quickly & lớn control the usage of these.All details are stored on the dashboard such as the status (used/unused), the date of creation, the expiration date, the download quota, the upload quota and the number of devices connected. Coupons can also be invalidated or reprinted.

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We recommkết thúc WiFi network administrators khổng lồ configure at least two different public SSIDs: the first one with limited bandwidth, limited time session và a limited number of devices per user. The second one, with the coupon login mode, with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time session & an unlimited number of devices per user.