Pull Into Là Gì


pull (one) into (some place or thing)


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Literally, to drag one roughly or forcibly into some place or thing. I grabbed my brother"s arm and pulled him into the other room to tell him the web3_news in private. A rope from the sinking boat caught around my ankle and dragged me into the water.2. To involve one in something, especially that which unpleasant or undesirable. Ugh, why are you always pulling me into your petty drama?See also: place, pull

pull in(to) (some place)

To drive up to and park at some location. Let me pull into a gas station and I"ll call you back.

Bạn đang xem: Pull into là gì

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The train didn"t pull in until nearly 11 PM due to all the delays.See also: pull

pull someone or something into something

andpull someone or something into haul or drag someone or something into something or some place. She pulled him into the room and closed the door. Lisa pulled in her friend and closed the door.See also: pull

pull someone into something

andpull someone inFig. to get someone involved in something. Please don"t pull me into this argument. Don"t pull in anyone else.See also: pullSee also:

pull into pieces

criticize very badly;find serious fault with驳得体无完肤;说得一无是处Politicians always try to pull their opponents"ideas to pieces.政治家们总是把他们对手的观点驳得体无完肤。The famous scientist pulled the new theory to pieces because it was very unscientific.这位著名的科学家把这条新理论说得一无是处,因为它很不科学。 pull at pull away pull away from pull away from (someone or something) pull back pull by pull caps pull chocks pull down pull down an amount of money pull down over pull faces (at someone) pull for pull for (someone or something) pull in pull in (one's) belt (a notch (or two)) pull in (one's) ears pull in (one's) horns pull in ears pull in front (of someone or something) pull in front of pull in one's horns pull in the reins pull in your horns pull in(to) (some place) pull into pull into a place pull it out of the hat pull it together pull jive pull leg pull my finger pull no punches pull no punches, to pull off pull on pull one out of the hat pull one over on pull one over on (one) pull one’s belt in pull one’s belt in a notch pull one’s pud pull one’s punches pull one’s wire pull one's (own) weight, to pull one's weight pull oneself off pull oneself together pull oneself together, to pull oneself up by bootstraps pull oneself up by the bootstraps pull apart pull around pull at pull at/on pull down pull in pull in one"s horns pull in (to) pull into pieces pull on pull oneself together pull out pull up - Từ đồng nghĩa, cách dùng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ pull into

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