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Molecular determinants of electrical rectification of single channel conductance in gap junctions formed by connexins 26 and 32.
The distribution of interactions across harmonic orders is consistent with local rectification preceding the spatial interactions.
Thus, rectification caused by spike threshold is sufficient khổng lồ create an onset delay, & changes in conductance or membrane time constant are not required.
The men in this group also seemed particularly regretful of "rectifying " distressing past events but hopeful of rectification.
Not surprisingly, the rectification is greater in the asymmetric conditions of the on-cell recordings.
For example, corrective justice commands rectification by wrongdoers but fails khổng lồ supply a theory of wrongdoing, without which policy questions cannot be resolved.
Such a rectification follows naturally from the shunting inhibitory connection in the present Mã Sản Phẩm.
Secondly, và unlike the principles of acquisition and transfer, the principle of rectification is given no formal expression.
The basis for this rectification has been explored theoretically by two groups, & experimentally by one of them.
For simplithành phố, we have sầu assumed that the monocular simple cells implement only half-wave rectification.
A helical-dipole Mã Sản Phẩm describes the single-channel current rectification of an uncharged peptide ion channel.
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a special event at which people dance to traditional music, especially in Scotland and Ireland

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Delusions of grandeur: talking about people with a high opinion of themselves



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