Now that we’re spending more time indoors, we’re finding new platforms — & new ways khổng lồ use old platforms — lớn stay in touch, whether it’s for work or with friends. This is the case with Slaông chồng, an instant-messaging platform which functions somewhere in the space between tin nhắn và text messages. Designed for quiông xã communication, Slack became an important tool for a lot of workplaces well before everyone started working from home page. But you can use it for pretty much anything: friends, group activities, clubs, or online communities.

Slack has a không lấy phí version and offers several paid plans. You start by setting up a workspace (which is your main area of operations, và contains your network of contacts) on Slack. In your workspace, you create channels, which are lượt thích chat rooms or group chats. In those channels, you và your friends / family / team members can text chat, exchange files, integrate with other apps such as Google Docs and Office 365, & even have đoạn phim chats (although if you’re using the không lấy phí version, you can only vì chưng a one-to-one Clip chat).

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If you’re not already familiar with it, though, Slaông xã takes some getting used khổng lồ, so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started. Be aware that Slaông xã is rolling out a new version, và the instructions below may differ depending on whether you’re using a không lấy phí or paid version.

Create a new account & workspace

When you’re creating an account, you can, if you wish, just join an existing workspace (if your organization, friover, or colleague has one they can add you to). But you can also make your own workspace. Here’s how.

Click “Get Started” & then “My team isn’t using Slachồng yet.”

Enter your tin nhắn.
Slachồng will ask you to verify your tin nhắn with a code. Go to lớn the tin nhắn Slaông chồng just sent you lớn retrieve the code and enter it.Choose a name for your workspace. Click “Next.”
Slack will ask you khổng lồ type in a name for a project you’re working on. Enter it và click “Next.” This will create your first Slack channel.
On the next screen, you can enter the names và gmail addresses of people you’d lượt thích lớn add lớn your Slaông xã workspace, & Slaông xã will sover them invitations. You can also use an invite link. But if you’re not ready khổng lồ invite anyone yet, you can skip this page (you’ll get a chance to add people later). That’s it! Click on “See Your Channel in Slack.”
You’re now on Slachồng — or, at least, on Slack’s welcome page. There are a number of things here you can do lớn phối up your channel. For example, you get your second chance lớn add people by tin nhắn or nội dung an invite links.
On the same page, if you scroll down, you can choose a greeting, which is the message your teammates will see when they open up Slack. Cliông chồng on “Choose a greeting” and you’ll get a couple of samples (which you can edit), or you can cliông chồng “Custom...” lớn draft your own message. Cliông chồng “Save” when you’re done.
Below that, you can enter the first message for your channel. Cliông xã “Send” when you’re done. Slaông chồng may automatically take you to lớn the screen for setting up a username & password, or it may take you straight to lớn your channel. If you don’t see the screen for setting up a name & password, you can access it by clicking the “Get started” button in the upper left corner below your username on the main page and then clicking “Finish setup.” Choose a name và a password, and cliông chồng “Next.”
Choose a name & a quality URL for your workspace that others can use lớn join. Clichồng “Finish” to lớn complete your cài đặt & cliông xã “Explore Slack” khổng lồ start using Slack.

Join an existing workspace

To join an existing Slaông xã workspace, you’ll need khổng lồ get permission from whoever owns that workspace. Usually they will send you an tin nhắn invitation which you can use to join, but sometimes you have sầu other options. Some workplaces allow anyone with an email address from a specific tên miền lớn join, & in some cases, you can authenticate your account using your organization’s single sign-on program (like G Suite or Okta).

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If you’ve received an tin nhắn invitation:

Clichồng “Join Now” in the email.Cliông xã “Create Account.”

Otherwise, lớn join an existing workspace:

Click “My team is on Slaông chồng.”Type in your tin nhắn address & cliông xã “Confirm.”Go to lớn the tin nhắn Slaông xã just sent you & click “Confirm Email Address.” Slachồng will open up a window showing you which workspaces you’re a part of (if any) &, below that, any additional ones you can join. Under “Join another workspace,” find the workspace you’re looking for and cliông xã “Join” next to it.Type in a username và password & then clichồng “Create Account.”After joining, you’ll be taken khổng lồ a welcome page, which gives you the option to skết thúc a message. Type in a message and cliông xã “Send” to move on to the main page. The welcome page also allows you to lớn add a protệp tin photo lớn, phối up notifications, tải về the desktop phầm mềm, và connect Slaông xã to Google Drive sầu. You don’t need khổng lồ complete all of the steps to lớn move forward, & you can access the welcome screen anytime by clicking “Get started” under your username in the upper left-h& corner.

Now you’re in Slack! Any current conversation, whether it’s a channel or direct-message thread, will show up on your screen. On the left-h& side, a bar will show you all of the channels you’re in, và beneath that, all of your direct messaging (in other words, private) conversations.

If you use Slaông chồng regularly, it might be a good idea lớn tải về the desktop ứng dụng for Mac or Windows, so that you can use the ứng dụng separately from any online work you’re doing. There are also apps available for iOS & Android, so you can use Slachồng from your smartphone.

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